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Pierre-Olivier Roy’s music career has led him to integrate the creation of new music with sound production, mainly for artistic music pieces, music for images and sound design. Most of his works consist of chamber music (instrumental and mixed) and electroacoustic pieces.

Pierre-Olivier Roy holds a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in composition from Université Laval, Quebec. He has also taken specialized courses and attended residencies in Quebec, Canada and abroad, including at the Center Acanthes (France), Arraymusic Ensemble (Toronto) and a computer music course on Max / MSP given by the IRCAM (France). He has perfected his work with several renowned composers and pedagogues such as Éric Morin, Mikhail Malt, Jean Lesage, Hanspeter Kyburtz and Christopher Butterfield. Among the ensembles that have created or performed his works are Orchestre de la francophonie canadienne, Nouvel ensemble moderne, Bozzini String Quartet, Erreur de type 27 and Consort contemporain de Québec.

He is currently the Artistic Director of E27 - Musiques nouvelles and a lecturer at the Faculty of Music at Université Laval.

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